Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 50mm f/2.0 Lens for Sony E


Sony E Mount
Full Frame


The Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 50mm f/2.0 Lens for Sony E-Mount is the perfect choice for professional and enthusiast photographers who need sharp, high-quality images. This lens features apochromatic correction to minimize chromatic aberration, along with a unique optical design to maximize sharpness and clarity. The lens features a minimum focus distance of 0.35m and a maximum aperture of f/2.0 for beautiful shallow depth-of-field shots. It also features an all-metal construction for rugged durability. The lens is designed with Sony E-Mount cameras in mind, allowing you to easily mount and use this lens with your Sony camera. With its superior optics and convenient mounting system, the Voigtlander APO-LANTHAR 50mm f/2.0 lens is an excellent choice for capturing stunning images.