Sennheiser MKE 102 Lavalier Mic Kit for Evolution Series, KA100S-ew Cable, Black


Omnidirectional Polar Pattern

The Sennheiser MKE 102 Lavalier Mic Kit for Evolution Series is the perfect solution for capturing crystal clear audio in any environment. This complete package comes with the MKE 102 lavalier mic, KA100S-ew cable, and a black windscreen. The MKE 102 is a professional-grade, miniature lavalier microphone that delivers outstanding sound quality and reliable performance. The KA100S-ew cable is designed for use with the MKE 102 and provides a secure connection between the mic and your recording device. The included windscreen helps minimize unwanted noise from wind and other sources. With its discreet design and superior sound, this kit is perfect for live performances, interviews, and any other situation where clear audio is a must.