Matthews Mombo Combo Stand w/Extra Wide Base, Supports 88 lbs, Max Height 24′


Free Sliding Stands
Without Wheels / Casters
24′ Max Height
80 to 89 lbs. Max Load
Above 71″ Folded
50 to 59 lbs.

Introducing the Matthews Mombo Combo Stand w/Extra Wide Base, the ultimate solution for photographers and videographers looking for a reliable and sturdy stand. This stand is designed to hold up to 88 lbs of equipment, making it perfect for larger cameras and lighting setups. A maximum height of 24 feet makes this an ideal stand for capturing those taller subjects. Additionally, the stand comes with free sliding stands, without wheels or casters, making it easy to navigate on any terrain.

The Free Sliding Stands make it easy to move around, even on the most challenging terrain. The stands can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and widths, allowing you to get the exact shot you need. The stand also comes with two sturdy legs, adding extra stability and support. This ensures that your equipment and lighting setup will remain safe and secure while you work.

The Without Wheels / Casters feature allows you to move the stand quickly and easily, without having to worry about damaging the floor or getting caught on objects. The stand can be moved around without hindrance, allowing you to move it to different locations quickly and without hassle.

The 24′ Max Height is perfect for capturing tall subjects or capturing a wide-angle shot. No matter what you need to capture, this stand will provide the necessary height, without sacrificing stability or safety. The extra wide base makes this stand a great choice for larger setups or multiple cameras.

The stand can also handle a variety of loads, up to 80 to 89 lbs. It can be folded down to less than 71 inches, making storage and transport easy. The stand can also handle loads up to 50 to 59 lbs. This makes it perfect for smaller setups or capturing lighter subjects.

No matter what your needs are, the Matthews Mombo Combo Stand w/Extra Wide Base is the perfect choice for reliable and sturdy support. With its free sliding stands, without wheels or casters, 24′ max height, and 80 to 89 lbs max load, this stand is the perfect solution for photographers and videographers.