Godox 55″ Octagon Softbox with Bowens Mounting, Grid


Continuous Lights, Strobe Lights


This Godox 55″ Octagon Softbox with Bowens Mounting and Grid is ideal for professional photographers and videographers. Featuring a Bowens mounting, this softbox allows you to easily mount your favorite lights and create stunning, even lighting for portrait and product photography. The 55″ diameter provides a wide light spread, while the grid provides an even more focused, directional light that’s perfect for product and portrait photography. The octagon shape offers a unique, soft light pattern, creating beautiful, natural-looking results. The included carrying bag makes storage and transport a breeze. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a budding enthusiast, this Godox 55″ Octagon Softbox is an ideal choice for creating beautiful, professional-quality images.