Mark Rober’s Magical Mystery Studio Tour – 8 Takeaways

Mark Rober is someone you just have to love. Between all his super cool vids, 27 million subscribers, and 3 billion YouTube views (!), he is definitely a creator we should respect.

I mean, the man gets it done. And his mission of educating people on the power of building stuff is second to none.

If you haven’t seen Colin and Samir’s tour of his studio, you’re missing out. Not just because it’s super cool and tricked out, but because he also passes along some really solid creator advice. So pull up a chair, pour yourself an inspiring beverage, and watch the below.

Mark Rober's Magical Mystery Studio Tour - 8 Takeaways

Mark Rober’s Magical Mystery Studio Tour

Ever wish you had a secret door in your house? Maybe one in a bookcase that leads to a really cool hide-away? Well, Mark Rober has that box totally checked.

Except his secret door leads to Crunch Labs, where he strategizes, builds, tests, and films all his cool stuff. It’s also where he’s started his subscription service, where kids (or parents of kids) can sign-up for a cool monthly toy you have to build yourself. Check it:

Major props here to Colin and Samir, who learned the secret handshake and got into the labs. It’s a super fun watch that is both hilarious and inspiring.

Read our breakdown of Colin and Samir here. These guys are priceless.

Mark Rober's Magical Mystery Studio Tour - 8 Takeaways

8 Takeaways from Mark Rober’s Studio Tour

Yeah, the tour is incredibly cool. But what is also exceptional are the knowledge bombs he drops along with the glitter bombs. Pure gold.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Work Your Butt Off:

    You had to know this one was coming. Even with his success, Mark is often pulling all-nighters and doing lots of heavy lifting around content creation. Why? Because he loves it.

  • Authenticity Builds Brands: 

    A lot of people too cool for school think ‘authenticity’ is cringe-worthy. And maybe it is. But you know what? It’s true. We have to find our own voice and provide our own value. ChatGPT and copying other people’s content just won’t get the job done.

  • Googly Eyes Matter: 

    No matter how tough life gets, adding Googly Eyes always helps. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Watch the vid.

  • Enthusiasm Matters: 

    What is so obvious is that Mark (and Colin and Samir) LOVE what they do. It’s fire. You can tell how much he cares, and this is the fuel that keeps him creating the best stuff and his audience coming back for more.

  • Products!:

    As you start building your brand, start thinking about what products you can offer around it. This is a larger discussion, but if you watch the vid you’ll get a ton of ideas. But remember, you have to build your audience by providing tons of value BEFORE you can start selling stuff.

  • Failure = Opportunity:

    Here’s another cringe-worthy piece of advice, but only because it’s so dang true. Don’t be afraid of breaking things, or not hitting the mark all the time, because this is exactly the sweet spot where the learning and the growth happens. Keep going.

  • Understand Your Value Prop:

    Really work on clarifying the value you bring to your audience. Mark is all about getting people excited about MAKING GREAT THINGS. Colin and Samir are all about EMPOWERING CREATORS. What’s your calling?

  • And finally – Be Intentional: 

    Plan, plan some more. Think about your value and how you’re going to provide that to your audience. Then, and only then, go out and execute. Don’t just follow the next shiny object because some influencer said so. Do your due diligence first.

If you can apply just 50% of these knowledge bombs to your work, you’ll be crushing it in no time. Especially the Googly Eyes.

Mark Rober's Magical Mystery Studio Tour - 8 Takeaways

The Mark Rober Action Plan

If there’s one thing we took away from this video, it’s about finding joy in your work.

Sure, there are going to be times (lots of them), when we have to put our heads down and do the work. The HARD work. But we think it’s imperative people start doing the work they love – and making things they truly believe in. The artist’s struggle of course is figuring out how to make a living, we get that. But if you’re just chasing the dollar, or trying to fulfill the image of what your parents want you to be, or doing something because ‘that’s the way society tells me it should be done’ – then you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of misery.

And though we aren’t advocating quitting the job you don’t love today, we are advocating a perspective shift:

Do the job today, and do it well, so you can use this as a stepping stone to do what you really love. Stop thinking of the job as something you have to do, but as something you get to do. And use that paycheck to start exploring the things that really make you happy.

Plan. Then build. Plan. Then build.

And if you really are providing value to yourself and your audience, the rest will follow.

Got questions or just want to chat? Book a free brainstorm here.

And keep making the good stuff.


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