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Creator Spotlight: The Wonderful World of Colin and Samir

Colin & Samir Launch Creator Startup

Colin and Samir are all about one beautiful word in the English language perhaps more than any other.

And that word is…


It’s almost like a secret handshake, but it’s not so secret.

The ability to keep going, keep trying, keep posting, no matter what. That singular talent, above all else, is what separates the achievers from the dreamers.

Just ask Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry. You probably know them as Colin and Samir. You might even be one of their 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. And from the outside looking in, you might even have guessed that they had it all figured out since Day 1.

But the truth? The truth  is far more interesting. The truth involves being $18k in debt. It involves working odd jobs to make ends meet. It also involves recording a farewell video to say a final goodbye to what few fans they had.

And that’s where that beautiful, beautiful word comes in. That word, responsible for so much of the good things all around us.


Colin and Samir kept looking for their voice and ways they could connect with audiences. They kept moving forward, step by step.

They. Did. Not. Give. Up.

Creator Spotlight - The Wonderful World of Colin and Samir

Creator Spotlight: The Wonderful World of Colin and Samir

Colin and Samir’s journey in content creation may have began with their shared passion for storytelling, sure. But it really started with their shared love of a very niche sport: lacrosse.

In case you don’t know, lacrosse is played with sticks and a ball. Sort of like hockey without the ice or the missing front teeth. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s genuinely loved by a group of very small but very rabid fans.

Colin and Samir loved lacrosse enough to make a documentary about it, and that’s how they met. From there, they built ‘The Lacrosse Network‘ together, which they eventually sold in 2016 to Whistle Sports. Which got us thinking, ‘These guys should be set for life’, right?


What followed instead of a multitude of riches and days lounging on the beach with mai tais was instead replaced by years of searching for the next big thing. Of not knowing what to make or what to post, but posting anyway because they felt they had to. Of spending numerous sleepless nights editing videos that were rarely, if ever, viewed. Of working their butts off.

Mai tais on the beach, no. But ending up $18k in debt? Yes.

Not quite every content creator’s dream, is it?

Creator Spotlight - The Wonderful World of Colin and Samir

The Roll of the Dice

So the two of them sat down and recorded their ‘farewell’ video. They had enough and they were this close to hitting ‘publish’.

But they didn’t. Instead, they decided to roll the dice one last time and post a few more things. Then a few things.

Not. Giving. Up.

Then, in early 2020, Samsung came along and offered the two of them an annual contract to become brand ambassadors. Securing that contract and cash provided them with the headspace and the opportunity to finally figure out what they do on YouTube and the focus they should zero in on.

Today, that YouTube channel has become a hub for insightful commentary, interviews, and analyses on the digital content landscape. It’s a must-stop for anyone in the content creation game.

We went through three to four years of struggling to find our identity, struggling to find out what our business was.     – Colin Rosenblum.

Creator Spotlight - The Wonderful World of Colin and Samir

The Turning Point Cometh

That focus on the creator economy became the touchstone for Colin and Samir.

Their content stands out for its thoughtful approach, delving deep into the mechanics of content creation, the trends shaping the industry, and the stories of creators who are breaking the mold. They have a knack for breaking down complex topics into digestible pieces, making their videos both educational and engaging.

But what really sets them apart?

Their Ethos of Authenticity and Curiosity.

They both have unwavering commitment to authenticity and curiosity. They approach each topic with a genuine desire to learn and share their findings with their audience. Their videos are not just about highlighting success stories; they also delve into the challenges and realities of being a content creator, providing a holistic view of the industry.

Their authenticity extends to their interactions with their audience, fostering a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about content creation. They actively engage with their viewers, encouraging discussions, and creating a space for learning and growth.

Here their tips on how to succeed on YouTube in this clip:

4 Big Take-aways from Colin and Samir

Here are 4 take-aways you can use from Colin and Samir, no matter where you are in your content journey.

  1. Deal with Burnout before it deals with you: Colin and Samir define burnout as having lots of creative output with any creative direction. In other words, creating meaningless things. Go out there and find meaning and what’s important to you, then you’ll have purpose before grinding it out. Plus, sleep. And exercise. Treat yourself right.
  2. Define Your Process for Creating: Develop a process around what you’re doing, how to organize what you’re doing, the best workflow, etc. As a start-up content creator, you’re probably going to be doing it all – but don’t build on a faulty foundation. Get your process down, then refine it, then refine it again. Get help once you start seeing some success. And remember, it needs to be a process you enjoy. Because your process for creating is ultimately the most important reward, especially at the beginning when you aren’t making any money. Here a great book to help. 
  3. Have an Office: In this age of remote work, Colin and Samir still work out of an office. They work with a team of other people, so this may not apply to you right now. But if you grow and are producing stuff regularly, have a good space where you can go and do that work. And where you can invite others to come and collaborate.
  4. Building a company: Samir says it best in this Digiday article – For us, it’s always been about building a company and leading with that as opposed to just filming and editing and putting something on the internet. They want to build something that lasts, so think like a creator AND a businessperson.

Get great business tips from Alex Hormozi here. 

As Colin and Samir continue to contribute to the world of content creation, their role as educators and influencers has really just begun. Not only are they constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital media,  but they are inspiring a new generation of creators to think critically, act authentically, and create with purpose.

Their impact will undoubtedly continue to get bigger and bigger. Follow their advice, and maybe you will too.

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