Creator Spotlight: Alex Hormozi and the Power of Belief

Creator Spotlight - Alex Hormozi and the Power of Belief

Alex Hormozi thought he’d lost it all.

After 5 years of building a successful gym business and ‘Gym Launch’ program, he woke up one morning to find out his business partner had stolen all the money from their account.

All. Of. It.

After 5 years of hard work, it was all gone.

This was the last straw. Sure there had been a lot of struggles. Sure, he had gone against his father’s wishes and gone on his own path. And sure, he’d had lots of false starts. He even was able to bear the burden of his Mom getting into a horrible accident while all of this was coming down.

But this – losing all his money, was way too much. He started drinking in excess and even had thoughts of suicide.

It got so bad that one night Alex turned to his girlfriend Leila and said she should leave him. “I’m not worthy,” he said. “Life just isn’t going to work out for me.”

Her reply?

“I would sleep under a bridge with you if it came to that.”

She saw the future and made the call. They wouldn’t let all these challenges stop them.

Then they went out and started a $100+ million business.

The recipe?

The power of belief.

Creator Spotlight - Alex Hormozi and the Power of Belief

Creator Spotlight: Alex Hormozi and the Power of Belief

The road to being a successful content creator is full of obstacles and a boatload of challenges. No doubt, we’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to run into dead ends. We’re going to be this close – this close! – to giving it all up. But those who persist, those who keep trying, more often than not find a way.

There’s no better example of this then the story of content creator extraordinaire Alex Hormozi. Just as recently as 2017, he was sleeping on people’s floors, $100k in debt, and convinced that he was an absolute failure. He had to deal with everything from being rejected by his family, to being scammed by a shady business partner, to almost filing for bankruptcy.

The words that Leila said to him, that she would stick with him through thick and thin, started the beginning of his comeback.

Don’t call it a comeback…

Today, they’re married. And together they run Acquisition.com, worth well over 100+ million dollars.

How did they do it?  Read on.

Creator Spotlight - Alex Hormozi and the Power of Belief

Living Someone Else’s Life

Alex Hormozi’s father fled Iran to the US in the 1980’s to pursue the American Dream. Through hard work, he built a successful medical practice, with the goal of creating a framework that his children could use to succeed in business as well.

And at first, Alex obliged. He crushed it in school, was able to graduate a year early, and jumped immediately into a well paying consulting gig as a cyber analyst for the military. He had achieved everything his dad wanted – and all seemed right with the world.

The problem? Alex hated it. He was living the life his father wanted him to live, and not the life he wanted to live.

He had given up his soul to make his dad and family happy.

Despite that, he didn’t want to make a change. From the outside looking in life was good. He had security. He was on track to make a great living. He was, by almost any standard, living the American Dream.

But that dream wasn’t his dream. And that was a big problem.

The other problem? He was too scared to change it.

Until he wasn’t.

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Keep Dreaming

Finding the Nerve to Follow Your Dream

One thing Alex Hormozi knew about himself was that he loved working out. He was a gym rat. It was all he ever talked about. This was all the evidence he needed to open a gym himself. Then another. Then another.

All against his father’s wishes, who didn’t support him in his endeavor. Why give up a good job? You’re crazy. 

Before he knew it though, Alex had 5 gyms up and running. And the money started pouring in, to the tune of $20k/month take home. Not bad, right?

But he soon came to a realization: he loved opening gyms. He just didn’t love running gyms. The stress of it all was taking its toll, and he was “drinking half a bottle of Johnny Walker Black a night to function”.

Most of us would agree: not good.

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Alex needed to raise money fast, so one day he decided to pivot and sell digital weight loss programs. But when he called his first gym client and said he couldn’t come out and help them do a physical launch – serendipity struck.

The gym owner asked him ‘how much would it cost just to buy your Gym Launch plan?’

On a whim, and with nothing to lose, Alex responded “$6k”.


On the next call he said “$8k”.


On the next call, “$10k”.


And the rest, as they say in all the story books, is history.

Within a month, Hormozi, Leila, and the rest of his sales team closed $500,000 in sales.

Goodbye debt. Hello, future.

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Creator Spotlight - Alex Hormozi and the Power of Belief

The Creator Take-Aways (and Finding Good Partners)

Today, Alex and Leila run Acquisition.com, and their portfolio of companies has crossed over $100 million per year in revenue, and spans brick-and-mortar stores, services, licensing, education, SaaS, and e-commerce enterprises.  Not bad, for a guy who is in his 30’s and once was convinced he had lost it all.

What can we all learn from his approach?

  • Say ‘Yes’ to the Universe: Alex was always looking for opportunity. When he knew his job as a cyber consultant wasn’t for him, he began the search for other ways to make ends meet. But more than that, he uncovered what he was really passionate about: the gym life. This sparked his career as a highly successful content creator of the first order.
  • The Obstacle is the Way: Ryan Holliday wrote this excellent book about resetting our mind frame: instead of avoiding obstacles, embrace them. Everything we do worth while will have obstacles and challenges the way along, and the only way we can truly achieve greatness is by accepting that.
  • Partners Matter: Look, life is a collaboration. We have to work with people. Alex’s story has it all: a partner that absolutely screwed him and stole his money, and another, Leila, who stood by him through thick and thin. She is just as responsible for his success as he is, so choose wisely!
  • Be Able to Pivot: Listen to what your audience tells you. In Alex’s case, he was literally asked to create a product selling his launch plan for gyms. So even though he had a totally different idea in mind, he listened and pivoted towards greatness.
  • Have Some Fun: I’m on the outside looking in. I don’t know Alex and don’t pretend to know what makes him tick. But it seems to me he’s found the sweet spot: he’s found a great life partner, he enjoys his work, he provides value to a ton of people, and he seems to be having fun. That mix is the Superpower we should all be looking to achieve.
  • Big Goals are Often Easier than Small Goals: He is a firm believer in this maxim: it takes just as much time to chase a really big goal as a really small goal. So go big, each and every time.

Today, Alex and Leila work on helping founder led businesses scale. Alex and his father even made their peace. Sure, the journey wasn’t a straight line (it never is), but their persistence and drive paid off. It’s a story we can all learn from.

If you want to learn more about how Alex and Leila have made it happen – check out this vid. And if you have any questions at all, email me. Thanks for reading.


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