Mastering the Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Medium

Welcome to our beginner’s guide to Medium. If you’ve ever considered diving into the depths of Medium, but felt like you’re jumping into the unknown, this is the place to be. You’re about to unravel the magic of how Medium can be a true game changer. 

But First – Why Medium?

Imagine this: a platform that’s SEO-friendly, packed with an engaged audience, and designed to give writers of all stripes a sleek, professional look. That’s Medium in a nutshell. It’s where quality content thrives, and if you’re serious about digital marketing, it’s something that should seriously be considered as something to include in your marketing mix. 

What is it? It’s a blogging space that works like an online magazine where you can read and write stories about various articles – and a lot of it is about helping out content creators like you.

Here’s why you should think about using Medium:

Audience Engagement

  • Medium’s crowd is different. They’re here for stories, insights, and a fresh perspective. Ready to provide that? Then experiment with it and see if it’s for you. 

SEO Boost

  • With Medium’s domain authority, your content gets an extra oomph in the search rankings. Say hello to organic traffic!

Built-in Promotion

  •  Get noticed by Medium’s editors, and you might just see your story promoted across the platform. And though that isn’t a guarantee, good writing just may get you there. It’s like having your own marketing team, without the salary costs.

Mastering the Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Medium

The Most Basic Guide to Medium

Creating an Account

  • Medium doesn’t play hard to get. Head to, click on “Get Started,” choose your preferred sign-up method, and voila! You’re in. Super easy.

The All-Important Profile

  • This isn’t your grandma’s diary. Add a cool profile pic, and a killer bio. Remember, first impressions count.

Story Time!

  • Click on that little pen icon on the upper right portion of the page and let your imagination run wild. Write, edit, add images, or embed videos (hello, digital marketing skills) and make your piece pop.

Publications Are Your New Best Friends

  •  These are collections of stories, grouped by topic. By submitting your tales to these, you up the chances of getting noticed.

Engage & Network

  •  Don’t just publish and ghost! Engage with comments, clap for stories you love, and follow authors that resonate with you.

For a nifty visual walkthrough on getting started, check out this YouTube video:

 Trust us, it’s the cherry on top.

Mastering the Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Medium

Guide to Medium: What to Write

On Medium, you can write about virtually anything that interests you or that you’re passionate about. Here are some popular topics and ideas to consider:

  1. Personal Stories & Experiences: Share personal anecdotes, life lessons, or transformative experiences.
  2. Opinions & Commentaries: Express your views on current events, societal issues, or trends.
  3. Tutorials & How-Tos: Provide step-by-step guides on topics you’re knowledgeable about, such as tech, crafts, cooking, or DIY projects.
  4. Reviews: Share your thoughts on books, movies, products, apps, or services.
  5. Travel: Document your travel adventures, tips, and recommendations.
  6. Health & Wellness: Write about fitness routines, mental health, diet, or wellness practices.
  7. Technology: Discuss the latest tech trends, gadgets, software, or innovations.
  8. Entrepreneurship & Business: Share insights on starting a business, marketing strategies, or workplace experiences.
  9. Creative Writing: Publish your poetry, short stories, or serialized fiction.
  10. Research & Analysis: Dive deep into a topic, providing data, research, and your analysis.
  11. Interviews: Share conversations with interesting people or experts in a field.
  12. Lists: Create lists like “Top 10 Ways to Improve Productivity” or “5 Best Books I’ve Read This Year.”
  13. Challenges & Experiments: Document a 30-day challenge or an experiment you’re trying and share the results.
  14. Inspiration & Motivation: Share motivational quotes, stories, or advice to inspire others.
  15. Culture & Society: Discuss cultural phenomena, societal shifts, or historical events.

Remember, the best topics often come from your personal experiences, passions, and expertise. Medium’s diverse audience means there’s likely a readership for whatever you choose to write about. Just ensure your content adheres to Medium’s guidelines and is presented in a genuine and authentic manner.

Mastering the Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Medium

Guide to Medium: Tips & Tricks

Want to stand out in a sea of stories? Pssh, of course you do.

Striking Headlines

  •  Your headline is your red carpet. Make it attention-grabbing, relevant, and irresistible.

Images Matter

  • A picture is worth a thousand claps. Use high-quality, relevant images to enhance your narrative.

Consistency is Key

  • You wouldn’t ghost on a date, would you? So don’t do it to your readers. Keep the content coming!


  • Did I mention SEO? Oh, I did. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally, craft compelling meta descriptions, and use those subheadings!

Mastering the Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Medium

Attention-Grabbing Titles & Subtitles, Because You’re Worth It:

  • Title: “Dive Into Digital: Unraveling Medium for Business”
    • Subtitle: “Harness the Power of Storytelling & Boost Your Brand”
  • Title: “Medium Magic: Elevate Your Content Game Today”
    • Subtitle: “From Zero to Hero: A Content Creator’s Journey on Medium”
  • Title: “Medium Mastery: Your Ticket to Digital Dominance”
    • Subtitle: “Content, Claps, and Conversions: Unleashing Medium’s Potential”

The Final Curtain (Or is it?)

Alright, superstar, time to wrap this sassy guide to Medium. The digital world is waiting for you to sprinkle some of that unique charm, and Medium is the stage you didn’t know you needed. So why wait? The time’s now.

Start using Medium today! It’s as easy as pie, but way more rewarding. Your audience is waiting for your next masterpiece, and Medium is your canvas. Paint away! 🎨

(P.S. Don’t just believe the hype, be the hype. See you on the other side!)

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